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the global coffee date

for pioneering women's initiatives

Our global coffee date is bringing female empowerment initiatives together to connect, learn & exchange best practices to advance women in business globally. 






meet and connect with leaders of international women-centered initatives 
discuss important action steps and solutions to close the leadership gap globally
ultimately create a blueprint to enhance women-centric communities world-wide

opening words by:


sheryl sandberg

coo of facebook & founder of lean in

Lean In.png

join leaders of the following communities:

Eager to contribute as community leader? 

The global coffee date is an invite-only workshop format taking place on May 5th 13.25 - 15.25 CEST. 


the organizer.

closing the leadership gap. together.

the female factor is a global community for a new era of female leaders enabling them to get a seat at the table by boosting connections, confidence & competence.


We believe the right mindset, access to knowledge and a network that really gets you forward is key to success.


We also believe in the power of community and mutual support and our motto is #WeRiseByLiftingOthers.

learn more about us and join our global community of female leaders.


the limitless conference is organized by the female factor, a global community for the next generation of female leaders, eager to close the leadership gap. ​​

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c/o Talent Garden Liechtensteinstraße 111-115, 1090 Vienna

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