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Linda Villarreal-Paierl
Paierl Consulting

Linda Villarreal-Paierl

CEO & Managing Partner

I am a serial entrepreneur and business networking expert who specializes in linking high ranking and strategic professional contacts for companies and business roll outs on an international level. I develop and lead strategic sales initiatives and have a key role in managing internal and external client relationships. I am an experience executive manager and have taken interim management positions during restructuring processes. Strong ability to identify opportunities, resources and strategies which develop into other lines of business as well as research and development. Developed a portfolio of high level international networks in particular within or to the United States in various sectors of industry, facilitating clients’ business goals in structuring key alliances in Washington, Virginia, New York, Texas and California. Move with ease at government levels and have an instinctive political partnering and relationship experience bringing European business into the United States and US business into Europe. Experienced in cross-cultural strategy including supporting clients during business acquisitions and sales

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