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Alex Schönegger
Philip Morris Austria

Alex Schönegger

Managing Director

Alexander Schönegger’s management career spans over 24 years and includes positions in many countries across the globe ranging from France, Switzerland, Singapore, Belgium and Japan. He has now returned to his home country Austria, where he is the Managing Director at Philip Morris Austria. Keen to solve complex challenges and make his mark within an international company, he joined Philip Morris Austria in 2018. Prior to this, he was responsible for accelerating the growth of Nespresso, at that time Nestle’s revolutionary brand. Always driven by a desire to move quickly and instigate positive change, Alexander brings an enthusiastic, can-do attitude to all of his work. One of Philip Morris’ chief goals is to cease the sale of conventional cigarettes with the help of science and technology. The key to these new smoke-free alternatives is to eliminate combustion. “In order to convince people to either quit smoking or switch to a better alternative, Philip Morris needs to learn from the past, ask questions and – above all – enter into an honest dialogue with its consumers”, Alexander Schönegger outlines.

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