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Sandra Dorrer

  • Taxadvisor & Managing Director | ECOVIS

    Sandra is currently working as taxadvisor and managing director for ECOVIS. She loves her work for many reasons. One of them is to see projects of her clients grow and beeing a constant partner to them, helping her clients through all big and small problems.


    How to save taxes without opening an account in Panama

    A guideline through the jungle of taxes, social insurance and all you need to know!

    It's gonna be a workshop with a mix of speech, answering your questions and working together on various topics. After my workshop you will have an idea of how to surviving taxes, bookeeping and all relatet issues.


    You will learn and understand:

    - how to start
    - what do you need to know
    - how to get social insurance
    - how to keep your self out of trouble with authorities
    - last but not least: how to save taxes?

  • the female factor instagram
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