Dr. Marietta Babos

  • Founder | Damensache

    Dr. Marietta Babos was born in Hungary and studied macroeconomics at the University of Economics in Budapest. Parallel to this, the JOSZEF program (Young East European Student as Successful Future Leaders) graduated from the University of Economics and Business in 2002, since then she lives in Austria. She received her doctorate from the University of St. Gallen at the Faculty of Banking & Finance. Damensache is a cooperation project with the initiator Marietta Babos and the Vienna University of Economics and Business with the aim of informing women about the necessity and possibilities of financial provision as an independent platform. As a result of the cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the independent platform for financial life planning www.damensache.at has already been realized. Dr. Thanks to the DAMENSACHE® initiative, Marietta Babos has received the scholarship of the European Forum Alpbach as a Femtrepreneur in 2019.

  • Your private finance is "Damensache" - Your partner is not your pension

    In terms of their working biography and their life expectancy, women need to save and make financial provisions differently than men. Dr. Babos explains in her lectures why it is, and how it is possible.

    Aging is a matter that concerns all of us, so why is it that poverty in old age is much more common among women? The reasons for this are diverse and are often only noticed when it’s too late to change something about them. We inform you of how you can safeguard yourself against it. Take your future into your own hands and educate yourself on this matter today!


    You will learn and understand:

    - How a woman’s income situation could change over the years
    - Which are often the financial stumbling blocks
    - How you treat money yourself
    - What is your risk affinity
    - How much capital you should build up to be able to have a financially self-determined life
    - How much your personal life style factors cost
    - What are your personal saving potentials



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