Dara & Simon

  • Upgrade your money identity

    Discover the 3 golden keys to tidying up your energetic instructions to money so that it can show up abundantly for your soul's callings.

    In this masterclass we will have a close look at what instructions we are giving to money daily and how that is impacting our ability to circulate and receive abundance. We will also discuss why money has ears and why it is dying to make love with you. Come and join Dara and Simon for a transformational dive into the most unquestioned answer of our culture: our relationship with money.

    You will learn and understand:

    - upgrade your money story
    - invite money into your life like a lover and find it showering you with goodness
    - use the 3 golden A's to attract abundance
    - use a variety of fun day to day practices to rewire your old story
    - circulate rather than accumulate
    - transform the 3 toxic myths of scarcity



c/o Talent Garden Liechtensteinstraße 111-115, 1090 Vienna

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