Christoph Schnedlitz

  • CEO &  Co-Founder | hiMoment

    Before founding hiMoment – a journaling app for happiness & personal development, Christoph worked in Finance. It’s here where he learned the basic craft he wants to teach to you: How you measure what matters in your organization to make it flourish, how to set up powerful reporting processes in no time, why budgeting is not about numbers but rather about creating accountability, and how to present your numbers beautifully so others take you seriously.

  • Measure what matters - the only 4 reporty you need to make your company thrive

    You should see your company reporting like a map - if you got it, it'll take it places, if not, you'll be lost in the woods.


    You will learn and understand:

    In this masterclass, participants will learn how to set up a reporting process that allows them to create a map of success for their business.

    Topics are:
    - Measure what matters: How to reduce complexity from your financials to focus on what matters
    - Cashflow: cash is king, cashflow is kong. How to tame the money monkey.
    - Budgeting: Learn how to create a top-down budgeting process and what the fuss is all about (hint: it's not about numbers)
    - Monthly report: The goal of monthly reporting is not a bunch of numbers. It's to make you act.


c/o Talent Garden Liechtensteinstraße 111-115, 1090 Vienna

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