how to make it as

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insights into how to make it in your profession

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23.07.2020  | 4-8 PM CEST | online 

Can you make it?

meet the speakers.


CEO | Zurich Insurance Austria

Andrea is leading the insurance company Zurich with 1200 employees in an industry in the midst of the digitization journey. 


Transformational Coach

Alisa is a transformational coach and podcast host of I AM ENOUGH. 


Co-Founder | the female factor

Tanja will share her experience in building international communities, giving insights into starting your own business and all things brand-related.


Coach & Consultant

Julia works as a psychologist, business consultant and yoga teacher. She is managing the balancing act of bringing personal development and the business world together.


Managing Director | Plug and Play Tech Center

Renée's career has been unexpected and "untraditional" for Western standards. She's give insights into her mum-work balance and how to get to executive level. 


CEO | Speedinvest Heroes

Maria went from startup founder herself to her current role as CEO of Speedinvest Heroes, connecting outstanding talents with pioneering startups in the Speedinvest portfolio.


Travel Blogger | Carly Hulls Creative

Carly is the founder of the lifestyle blog Austrian Adoption and a digital content creator by heart. Previously she worked for TourRadar and as contributor for Lonely Planet. 


Head of Design | Boltenstern

Marie Boltenstern is an Architect and 3D-Specialist, pioneering in bringing directly 3D-printed precious metal jewelry collections to market. 


Co-Founder | Superhuman Ventures

Mariya is a finance expert, spending more than 7 years in different leading financial positions in Europe, China and Russia.


Co-Founder | the female factor

Mahdis will give first-hand insights into positioning yourself in the sectors of business development and sales on a global scale. 


CEO | Instahelp

Bernadette not only manages Instahelp but also teaches at various universities in the field of emotion management and female entrepreneurship. 


Startup services | Vienna Business Agency

Gabriele is leading the startup services at Vienna Business Agency and a super connector at heart. She is representing Vienna on an international level and connects startups with stakeholders.


Co-founder | greenwell energy

Asetila built some own companies and startups over the years. She's an female empowerment advocate and impact entrepreneur. 


Strategic Accounts | Spotify

Katia has been with Spotify from the early days, actively contributing to the growth and success. She previously worked for companies like Coca-Cola and EMI Music Publishing.

more experts will be announced soon.


founders' insights.

You have an amazing idea and want to turn it into a successful company? Or are you working on your business already, but you're looking for guidance and support from those #whomadeit?

We know you most probably could do it all by yourself, but why should you?

Our limitless mentoring conference is your place to go for seeing how industry experts and other entrepreneurs handled the ups and downs in their business.

Learn about fundamental skills and processes that any entrepreneur needs to know and how industry leaders have overcome setbacks. Yes, exactly we have answers to the questions even Google hasn't. 


This is for you if you ponder on questions like:

  • What does it take to found my own company and make it thrive?

  • Is starting a company even the right thing for me? 

  • I'm doing everything by the books, but I somehow can't make it work. What am I doing wrong? 

  • How do I manage to have a work-life balance when starting? 

We don't have the magic formula for your success, but our successful founders will share their top recommendations with you to support you on your journey.  

about the conference.

Mentoring is the single most powerful way to accelerate your career and access to experienced role models and leaders within & beyond your industry can completely change the game. ​

The limitless mentoring conference makes role models accessible for the next generation of female leaders - across industries and professions.


Industry leaders will share their insights on #howtomakeit, equipping you with the kind of hands-on knowledge you can immediately put to use, by combining panel discussions with intimate Q&As and dedicated 1:1 feedback sessions.

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the organizer.

the female factor is an international community creating opportunities for (future) female leaders by boosting confidence, connections and competence. We believe the right mindset, access to knowledge and a network that really gets you forward is key to success.


We also believe in the power of community and mutual support. If you're craving a support network that has your back, we'd love to hear from you. We are the official host of the limitless conference, but we offer way more than that, like a global mentoring program, masterclasses, success circles, coworking and much more. 

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